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Bryan Storey on the latest New Zealand-led research in Antarctica [video]

On Friday 8 April, 2016, The Antarctic Report hosted a conference in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, called Sea Level Rise: Implementing Adaptation Strategies. The conference brought together international experts, as well as New Zealand’s leading policy makers, scientists and key industry representatives, to showcase effective adaptation strategies to manage the impact of sea level rise in New Zealand.


In this video, Prof Bryan Storey, director of Gateway Antarctica at the University of Canterbury and vice president of SCAR, discusses key research projects being conducted by New Zealand scientists in Antarctica, particularly research happening around the Ross Ice Shelf, the processes affecting changes in the mass, properties and distribution of Antarctic sea ice, the processes and properties that control the flow of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, and how oceanic processes beneath ice shelves affect ice loss and ice sheet mass balance.



About Bryan Storey

Professor Bryan Storey is Director of Gateway Antarctica, the centre for Antarctic studies at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, as well as Vice President of SCAR, the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research. Professor Storey is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and he was awarded the Polar Medal by Queen Elizabeth in 1987. He has 24 years’ experience as a geologist and programme leader at the British Antarctic Survey.


Next presentation:

Click here for the next presentation in the series, featuring Prof Tim Naish, Tim Naish, director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington.


Sea Level Rise: Implementing Adaptation Strategies was organised in association with AUT and The Royal Society of New Zealand


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