News & information on Antarctica & the Southern Ocean


Finding the oldest forest fossils in Antarctica - 280 million years old! - 032

Geologist Erik Gulbranson talks about finding the oldest forest fossils ever to be found in Antarctica: 280 million years old!

Dispatches from Continent Seven - the writings of Antarctic scientists - 009

Author Rebecca Priestley discusses her anthology of Antarctic science, from James Cook to today.

NASA’s Operation IceBridge; surveying the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets - 008

Mission scientist for NASA’s Operation IceBridge, John Sonntag talks about the aerial survey of the polar ice sheets

What it's like wintering over at the South Pole - thirteen times! - 007

Astronomer Robert Schwarz talks about his record 13 winters at the South Pole

Revisiting Terra Incognita, Travels in Antarctica, with Sara Wheeler - 006

Travel writer Sara Wheeler revisits her 1996 bestseller Terra Incognita, Travels in Antarctica

Recounting the heroic exploits of Tom Crean - companion to both Scott and Shackleton - 005

The story of Ireland's great Antarctican, Tom Crean, veteran of three expeditions: Discovery, Terra Nova, and Endurance. We talk to historian Michael Smith.

Lake Whillans; retrieving uncontaminated samples from a sub-glacial lake in Antarctica. - 004

Sub-glacial Lake Whillans in West Antarctica, underneath the Whillans Ice Stream that feeds into the Ross Ice Shelf. We speak to Helen Amanda Fricker of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Speedo Diplomacy in the Ross Sea; successfully advocating for a Marine Protected Area - 003

Speedo Diplomacy; advocating for a Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea. We speak to endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh about his successful campaign.

The Gamburtsev Mountains; unraveling the mystery of Antarctica's hidden peaks - 002

Robin Bell of Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory, describes the Gamburtsev Mountains in Antarctica, a hidden mountain range beneath the ice sheet.

The Big Rift; Larsen C Ice Shelf and the birth of an Alpha Iceberg - 001

The dramatic crack growing across the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Adrian Luckman of Swansea University talks about the pending birth of what will be one of the largest icebergs ever recorded.

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