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Green light to rebuild Scott Base in Antarctica

The New Zealand Government has given the green light to begin the redevelopment of Scott Base in Antarctica.… Read more »

First plane of the austral summer arrives at the South Pole

The first flight of the season lands at the South Pole… Read more »

30 years of service for icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis

Australia Post has marked the 30 years of service for icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis… Read more »

RSS Sir David Attenborough will be larger than existing British icebreakers

The new British icebreaker, RRS Sir David Attenborough will be larger than existing ships used by the British Antarctic Survey.… Read more »

Australia will build first paved runway in Antarctica

Australia will build the first paved runway in Antarctica, 6km from Davis Station, providing year-round air access to the continent, and complementing the summer-only runway on hard ice at Wilkins.… Read more »

The Tucker Sno-Cat - one of the ultimate snow vehicles

The four track Tucker Sno-Cat is one of the ultimate snow vehicles.… Read more »

New Zealand operations in Antarctica since 1957

Peter Beggs of Antarctica New Zealand talks about his countries long-standing commitment to science research on the ice, and the permanent station on Ross Island, Scott Base, established in 1957.… Read more »

NASA’s Operation IceBridge completes one of its most successful Antarctic deployments to date

NASA’s Operation IceBridge is about to finish its eighth consecutive Antarctic deployment, and it’s looking like the 2016 season will be its most successful to date.… Read more »

ICECAP researchers use long-range drones to study East Antarctic Ice Sheet

A team of researchers with ICECAP has been using long-range drones to monitor more efficiently changes to the East Antarctic Ice Sheet… Read more »

Decommissioned GOES-3 satellite - end of an era for South Pole communications

It’s the end of an era for Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station communications, with an aging satellite that provided critical internet connectivity to the remote station decommissioned late last month.… Read more »