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Podcast: What it's like wintering over at the South Pole - thirteen times!

Aurora Australis display above the Martin A. Pomerantz (MAPO) building, which houses the SPUD Keck Telescope Array, South Pole Photo: Robert Schwarz

In this podcast interview, we speak to astronomer Robert Schwarz at the South Pole, who is just completing his thirteenth winter there! No one has spent more time at the South Pole than him!

Robert works at the South Pole for the University of Minnesota on a microwave telescope array, which is a series of telescopes that work together as one. It’s called the SPUD Keck project which researches the Cosmic Microwave Background, the electromagnetic radiation left over from Big Bang.

Robert talks about his astronomical work, life in general at the South Pole Station during winter, how he and his colleagues overcome the sense of isolation, as well as the challenges of videoing the magnificent Aurora Australis. 

Click here to listen to the podcast interview of Robert Schwarz.


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