News & information on Antarctica & the Southern Ocean


Podcast: Revisiting Terra Incognita, Travels in Antarctica, with Sara Wheeler

In this podcast, we talk to Sara Wheeler about her bestseller 'Terra Incognita, Travels in Antarctica', which The New York Times called “gripping, emotional” and “compelling.”… Read more »

Podcast: Recounting the heroic exploits of Tom Crean - companion to both Scott and Shackleton

In this podcast, we speak to Michael Smith about Tom Crean and his heroic exploits in Antarctica during three of the great polar expeditions, under the leadership of Scott and Shackleton.… Read more »

Podcast: Lake Whillans; retrieving uncontaminated samples from a sub-glacial lake in Antarctica.

In this podcast, we speak to Helen Amanda Fricker about Lake Whillans, and how the WISSARD project obtained the first ever uncontaminated sample from an Antarctic sub-glacial lake,… Read more »

Podcast: Speedo Diplomacy in the Ross Sea; successfully advocating for a Marine Protected Area

In this podcast, we talk to Lewis Pugh, UN Patron of the Oceans, about the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area… Read more »

Podcast: Unraveling the mystery of Antarctica's hidden peaks - the Gamburtsev Mountains

In this podcast, we talk to Professor Robin Bell of Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory, about the Gamburtsev Mountains in Antartica.… Read more »

Podcast: The Big Rift; Larsen C Ice Shelf and the birth of an Alpha Iceberg

In this podcast, we talk to Professor Adrian Luckman of Swansea University in Wales, about the dramatic rift on the Larsen C Ice Shelf.… Read more »

Irreversible warm inflow threatens ice shelf

Research indicates irreversible inflow of warm water could start within decades, threatening second largest Antarctic ice shelf.… Read more »

Update on Larsen C Ice Shelf crack – 19km ice thread still connects future 5000km2 iceberg to main shelf

The advancing 180km crack across the Larsen C Ice Shelf now has a mere 19km ice bridge to cut through before it lets loose a massive iceberg larger than Rhode Island.… Read more »

New Zealand operations in Antarctica since 1957

Peter Beggs of Antarctica New Zealand talks about his countries long-standing commitment to science research on the ice, and the permanent station on Ross Island, Scott Base, established in 1957.… Read more »

Searching for the oldest ice on Earth in Antarctica

A team of scientists are searching for the oldest ice on earth – in East Antarctica, one of the most hostile environments on the planet.… Read more »