News & information on Antarctica & the Southern Ocean


Bryan Storey on the latest New Zealand-led research in Antarctica [video]

Prof Bryan Storey, director of Gateway Antarctica at the University of Canterbury and vice president of SCAR, discusses key research projects being conducted by New Zealand scientists in Antarctica.… Read more »

How does past climate change inform us about future sea-level rise? - Prof Tim Naish [video]

Prof Tim Naish, director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University, discusses the rapid changes in climate change science since the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.… Read more »

Highest astronomical tides; managing the increasing threat – Graeme Blick [video]

Graeme Blick, Chief Geodesist for LINZ, explains the factors that combine to produce perigean spring tides, as well as which areas of New Zealand are most vulnerable to sea level rise.… Read more »

Rob Bell of NIWA explains the problem sea level rise presents to coastal communities & infrastructure [video]

Rob Bell, Programme Leader of NIWA's Climate & Hazards Centre, talks about managing coastal-hazard risks related to sea level rise, and adaptation strategy for coastal communities and infrastructure.… Read more »

Local government responses to climate change – Blair Dickie [video]

Blair Dickie, of Waikato Regional Council and SOLGM, describes the challenges emerging as local government develops a response to climate change and sea level rise.… Read more »

Tim Grafton on sea level rise: adaptation, risk and insurance [video]

Tim Grafton of the Insurance Council of New Zealand explains the need to employ adaptation measures to reduce the insurance risks arising from climate change and sea level rise.… Read more »

Employing kotahitanga in communicating science-led sustainability strategies - John Perrott [video]

John Perrott of Auckland University of Technology, explains the value of kotahitanga in communicating science-led sustainability strategies for adaptation to climate change and sea level rise.… Read more »

Lara Clarke on managing the impact of sea level rise in greater Auckland [video]

Lara Clarke, a policy planner in Auckland Council's Unitary Plan team, discusses how the council is mitigating the predicted impacts of sea level rise through the council’s Unitary Plan.… Read more »

Matt Paterson on urban planning for sea level rise in New Zealand [video]

Matt Paterson of the Property Council New Zealand speaks on the importance of optimising the planning processes around sea level rise from a commercial property perspective… Read more »

Lawrence Yule on developing a national framework for mitigating sea level rise in New Zealand [video]

Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule, president of Local Government New Zealand, explains the importance of developing a national perspective for managing the confronting issue of sea level rise… Read more »