News & information on Antarctica & the Southern Ocean


Tim Grafton on sea level rise: adaptation, risk and insurance [video]

Tim Grafton of the Insurance Council of New Zealand explains the need to employ adaptation measures to reduce the insurance risks arising from climate change and sea level rise.… Read more »

Employing kotahitanga in communicating science-led sustainability strategies - John Perrott [video]

John Perrott of Auckland University of Technology, explains the value of kotahitanga in communicating science-led sustainability strategies for adaptation to climate change and sea level rise.… Read more »

Lara Clarke on managing the impact of sea level rise in greater Auckland [video]

Lara Clarke, a policy planner in Auckland Council's Unitary Plan team, discusses how the council is mitigating the predicted impacts of sea level rise through the council’s Unitary Plan.… Read more »

Matt Paterson on urban planning for sea level rise in New Zealand [video]

Matt Paterson of the Property Council New Zealand speaks on the importance of optimising the planning processes around sea level rise from a commercial property perspective… Read more »

Lawrence Yule on developing a national framework for mitigating sea level rise in New Zealand [video]

Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule, president of Local Government New Zealand, explains the importance of developing a national perspective for managing the confronting issue of sea level rise… Read more »

Australian government signs contract for new Antarctic icebreaker

The Australian Government has signed a contract for Australia’s new icebreaker, with the custom built ship due to arrive in Australia in mid-2020.… Read more »

Scientists may have found Antarctica's second-largest under-ice lake

According to an article released in New Scientist, scientists may have discovered a large subglacial lake in Antarctica second only to the remote Lake Vostok in size.… Read more »

Changing ocean chemistry may threaten Antarctic food chain

University of California researchers have collected the first long-term evidence that links rising levels of carbon in Antarctic waters to the inability of pteropods to build their protective shells.… Read more »

"Upside-down rivers" threaten Antarctic ice shelves

“Upside-down rivers” of warm ocean water are threatening the stability of floating ice shelves in Antarctica, according to a new research from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the US.… Read more »

Researchers use seismometers to uncover the geology beneath Antarctica's ice

Seismic research by scientists from Washington University in St. Louis resulted in the discovery of a ‘hot zone’ beneath West Antarctica, thought to have a major influence on the flow of ice streams.… Read more »