News & information on Antarctica & the Southern Ocean


Dr Steve Rintoul on thermal expansion and melting Antarctic ice shelves [video]

Dr Steve Rintoul of the CSIRO explains the part ocean thermal expansion has to play in rising sea levels, the interaction between oceans and ice shelves, and how Antarctic Bottom Water is warming.… Read more »

Type-C Killer whales commute long distances from Antarctica to temperate zones

A team led by Regina Eisert of Gateway Antarctica at New Zealand's Canterbury University, has found that Type-C Killer Whales travel great distances from the Ross Sea to waters north of New Zealand.… Read more »

Prof Jonathan Bamber on changing Antarctic Ice Sheets and rising global sea levels [video]

Five of the world's leading scientists on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean present the latest findings on the changing Antarctic Ice Sheets and the impact on global sea levels.… Read more »

100 Years since Shackleton’s Epic Journey

This year marks the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic expedition to traverse Antarctica in 1915. He had previously failed to reach the South Pole with Robert Scott on the Discovery expedition in 1902-03, and subsequently on the Nimrod expedition in 1907-09 without Scott. This journey would also fail to achieve its goal but would prove to be one of the Antarctic’s greatest stories of survival.… Read more »

Sir Douglas Mawson - Australia’s Greatest Antarctic Explorer

Sir Douglas Mawson is widely regarded as Australia’s greatest Antarctic explorer for mapping untrodden areas and surviving some of the most harrowing situations.… Read more »

Monitoring Life in the Dry Valleys

Researchers from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) flew drones with special cameras over the Taylor Dry Valley in Antarctica to study microbial life.… Read more »

What is the Antarctic Treaty?

The Antarctic Treaty applies to the entire region south of 60° South Latitude. It effectively stops nations from making territorial claims or from exploiting Antarctic resources.… Read more »

Interim Ban on Tourists using Drones in Coastal Areas of Antarctica

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are valuable scientific instruments in Antarctica but are not toys for tourists. That’s the ruling from the latest meeting of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). For the upcoming 2015-2016 season, the IAATO members have agreed not to allow the recreational use of drones in the coastal areas of Antarctica.… Read more »

Richard Byrd’s Epic Flights

US Navy Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd was one of the greatest American polar explorers, leading the first flight over the South Pole in 1929.… Read more »

New Ships to Increase Tourist Numbers

The number of tourists to Antarctica for the 2015/2016 season is expected to be the second largest in history with 40,029 visitors. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) reports only the 2007/2008 season had higher numbers with 46,265 people.… Read more »